The economic downturn and recent benefit rule changes have seen an explosion in the number of people and families seekng help from foodbanks.

Himmah firmly believes that charity begins at home and that it is important to ensure that ones neigbours in Nottingham have enough food to eat.

To put practical action behind these words, Himmah has, from its inception, had strong relations with the Nottingham Refugee Forum and has, more recently, started it's own Foodbank.

Importantly, Himmah donates 25% of the food it receives to the NG7 and Sneinton Foodbanks, which builds relationships with these organisations.

The "Bring A Tin" events that Himmah has held at many of Nottingham's mosques have shown that the Muslim community, when given the chance, is more than ready to donate to help the wider non-Muslim society - a fact that is contrary to the views of some media sources.

You can read the latest news from the Himmah Foodbank here

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