Monday, 29 July 2013

Himmah Foodbank News

News and information from the Himmah Foodbank, located at Unit 2 on Hubert Street in Hyson Green:

08 July 2013
Respect to BMCC and for their recent valuable donations of 24kg and 36kg respectively!

(1)Rather lovely recent donation from

04 July 2013
Cracking donation from KQZ

Together with a few other items, this will help feed a family for a week

With food now categorised, the Himmah Foodbanks is ready to take on more customers

26 June 2013

Some of the recent donations

Cash donations from KQZ used to uy flour, oil and tinned fish...

)...and here is the receipt

25% of recent donations went to the NG7 Foodbank.....

...and here is the recipt

The Himmah Foodbank

Himmahs Foodbank is at Unit 2 on Hubert Street, Hyson Green

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