Thursday, 8 August 2013

Donations to the Himmah Food Bank

The Himmah foodbank was set up to provide help to those in dire economic need in Nottingham, but it's positive effects go far wider than the people it helps directly. For example, the Himmah foodbank :

i) Fulfills the Islamic duty to look after ones neighbours.

ii) Combats the accusation that Muslims only care for their own and will not lift a finger to help non-Muslims.

iii) Generates goodwill with the wider society and provides a point of contact as well as building connections for future work.

iv) Is an example to the Muslim community of practical work that can be done in the locality to help the wider society

v) Combats the work (and loud voices) of those in the Muslim community who want to eliminate contact with the wider society

vi) Provides an opportunity to give young adult Muslim volunteers practical experience of making things happen.

Donations so far
Donations from various organisations and individuals are mentioned below, although, of course, even the donations from organisationsultimately come from individuals. (NB: For any cans containing product in water (e.g tinned chick peas) the net (drained) weight is used. All weights are rounded and approximate.

Aug 2013 : Recently received this rather wonderful donation from a young man who wanted to remain anonymous, so we shall only refer to his as "Mr X". He has provided this till receipt to show what he bought as Mr X thought it was required to keep track of the weight of donations - however Himmah has now stopped recording the weight of donations as, by the grace of God, there is so much food coming in that this is a prohibitively time consuming excercise.

A very balanced donation from Mr X,
who has charmingly amended the entry saying "Basmat"
by adding the letters "i Rice"

Aug 2013 : 6 days of collecting at ASDA Hyson Green resulted in game-changing donations totalling several hundred kgs. This will inshallah, provide the Himmah Foodbank with a robust buffer stock and allow significant numbers of people to be helped. Huge thanks are due to the very humbling generosity of the shoppers at ASDA, to ASDA themselves for allowing Himmah to reach out to the local community in this way; and to the volunteers at Himmah who gave very considerable amounts of their precious free time to make this effort a success. It is noteworthy that a number of shoppers donated very substantial amounts of food, full trolley loads in some cases. Truly, there are some very big hearts out there!

And, in keeping with Himmahs policy, 25% of the donated food went to the NG7 / Sneinton foodbanks to help them in their efforts to provide support for those in dire economic need in their localities.

Jul 2013 : KQZ : 16.6kg
Jul 2013 : BMCC : 28kg
Jul 2013 : : 36kg
Jul 2013 : KQZ : 102kg (!!!!)
Jun 2013 : KQZ : 62kg (!!!!)
Jun 2013 : BMCC : 24kg
May 2013 : WCCW : 17kg
Feb 2013 : Masjid Noor (75ppl) : 72kg
Oct 2012 : Karimia Masjid (120ppl): 7kg
Aug 2012 : BMCC (600ppl) : 69kg
Aug 2012 : WCCW (Wollaton)(150ppl) : 47kg
Aug 2012 : Masjid Noor (75ppl) : 34kg

It is noteworthy that KQZ and Masjid Noor, both very small organisations, have donated much for than many other, bigger, orgs. Respect KQZ and Masjid Noor, much respect!

Tips on organising a "Bring A Tin" event
It's dead simple and some basic tips can be found here. Contact Himmah (via Sajid 07786 333929 or Farzana 07590258902) if you need food collected.

Other Foodbanks in Nottingham
You can read about the Foodbanks operating in Nottingham, and some testimonies from the people who are helped by them, here.